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Soulful Retreat

Time and space for busy soulful women to reconnect, through body and soul alignment. Creating a life of joy, empowerment and inspiration.

The Women’s Soulful Retreat is, in essence, the creation of a sacred and potent space. When we return to our heart, the full expression of living a soul inspired life is birthed.

Women have sat in circle for millennia, an instinctive and natural way to bond and share genuine experiences. Traditionally, this ritual has been practiced as a way of nourishment, acquiring wisdom from another and is considered the origins of true self-care.

As women, we are pulled in one million different directions as we go about our day-to-day lives. Often, taking care of others: we work, shop, cook, run a home, exercise, run businesses and yearn to find time for our spiritual self. A disconnection from our soul’s guidance, intuition and inner power forms a reality. The universal flow of energy is obstructed. Overwhelm, indecision and stress appear to be a normal aspect of life.

When women are nourished in their body, heart and soul, giving comes from a place of fullness. The benefits are boundless. A vibrational change occurs. Women witness their businesses flourish, their families thrive, inner joy increases, clarity strengthens and experience a place of inspiration within. Feeling empowered and radiant.

Women who attend Soulful Retreats come from all walks of life. Often, they are mothers, therapists, creatives, professionals and business owners. Women taking care of others. A common thread, of holding space and giving, is an integral aspect of a woman’s journey.

The essence of the women’s soulful retreat is to empower women in the seven keys to creating a fulfilled, soul inspired life:


Relax, ground and reconnect, in the healing power of nature. 

Experience the power and wisdom of a women’s circle. 

Feel empowered, by releasing blocked emotions and clearing negativity.

Activate love and joy within. Allow your heart to open and release.
Express the real you, with creativity such as dance, mandala art and journaling.
Trust your intuition and enjoy clarity, through sacred soul connection meditations.
Learn how to live a soul inspired life, with body and soul alignment techniques.

In the retreat space, Rachel offers a range of modalities. The retreat participant will experience meditation, intention rituals and clearing techniques. The women’s circle, combined with grounding techniques, chakradance, freestyle mandala art, a drum journey and manifestation dance are profound. Rachel draws upon the healing power of movement and dance. Sacred soul connection, developing intuition and being blessed with time in nature take us on a deep dive.  During the course of being in sacred space, the residue of stuck energy, stored emotions and old memories may arise to be cleared. All retreats are held with the intention of holding space to support all participants and are confidential. All practices are created with the intention of drinking from the well to nourish the spirit.

Our enlightenment comes from within, from knowing self, loving self and following the callings of our hearts with action – Akiroq Brost

Women’s soulful retreat options


Half-Day Retreat

The Half-Day Retreat is centred around a women’s circle. Women are given an introduction to living in sacred time and carving out space for spiritual self-care, when experiencing the practices of meditation, mandala art and chakradance. Developed as an introduction to the One Day and Weekend Retreat, this mini retreat was created with the intention of unravelling blocked energies, calming the mind and nourishing the soul.


One Day Retreat

The One Day Retreat has been conceived as an overall surrender to a deeper experience. In the sacred space of the women’s circle, we look inward, to the heart centre and connect with soul guidance. Modalities such as dance meditation, drum journey, soul connecting methods and mandala art create energetic support. Release blocked feelings, unwind tension and realign with your soul’s magnificence. Live a life of joy, empowerment and inspiration!


Weekend Retreat

October 11-13 2024

The Weekend Retreat is a deeply transformational immersion. Held at Claerwen Retreat, a place of magic and healing, perched on top of 130 acres with panoramic views of Apollo Bay and the Otway Ranges. Claerwen retreat is located at Crows Nest Lookout, an indigenous sacred site. Those sensitive to subtle energies may experience the healing frequency of this site.

This retreat is a dedicated immersion and profound journey inward, a return to our divine nature. We do a deep dive into our soul frequency. Any obstacles out of alignment with our divine connection arise to be cleared. In this clearing process a range of emotions can surface. Rachel creates a safe healing space within the women’s circle for emotions to be released and is a strong believer in the freedom and authenticity experienced when our soul realigns. The vibration of joy, vitality, intuition and inspiration comes naturally from this process.

Please book a fifteen-minute discovery call with Rachel to ascertain if this weekend is for you.


Included in this transformative retreat are two healthy, nourishing lunches and dinners (catered), allowing you to focus within.  Natty Murray, our local kitchen garden teacher, caters for the retreat.  With a focus on the highest nutrition and diet requirements, Natty creates balanced meals for women in the retreat space.

Meditation Recording

A meditation and notes will be sent after the retreat to support your journey in continuing a soul inspired life.

Retreat Schedule

Arrival is  Friday at 4pm and finishing Sunday at 3pm. Mornings start at 9am, evenings finish at 8pm.

Free Time

Saturday afternoon has allocated free time. Rest or walk  in the pure natural surrounds of Claerwen Retreat. Go for a swim in the pristine waters of Apollo bay. The property is surrounded by many lush bush tracks with breath-taking views.  All parts of the retreat are optional and sometimes we simply need to take a siesta.


Claerwen Retreat offer a range of accommodation options as an added cost to the retreat.

The suites and cottages have a 4-star rating and are set up for self-catering. So, it is BYO breakfast and snacks. All linen and towels are supplied. Four types of accommodation are available.

Cost per night:

  • The loft in the workshop area $55.
  • Shared room in one of the cottages $99.
  • Single room in one of the cottages $132.
  • Single in a self-contained studio $154.

Please let us know which accommodation type you would prefer.


Rachel is such an amazing facilitator. I have attended weekend and one day retreats and I leave feeling renewed, peaceful, empowered and grateful. Highly recommend the gift of Rachel. Her aura exudes her passion to create a space for women to unwind and reconnect with self.


I can not express deeply enough the impact she has made in my life and the impact I’ve seen her make at the retreats I’ve attended. Rachel really is the most unique and genuine healer I’ve ever met.


I am already feeling so held and supported by Rachel leading up to this retreat. She holds such a magic heart felt container, creating a space that is safe to dive deep and connect with your inner knowing. I love nothing more than sitting in circle with other like minded sisters, to be seen, held, heard and supported. Do you hear, feel the call? I can not recommend taking this time for your self more. Come be nourished and loved up sisters.