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Women’s Online
Sacred Soul Journey

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The Seven Principles for Women to Live a Soul-Inspired Life.

A completely new online course, designed to create sacred practices for spiritual self-care.

This course is in the format of a series of two-hour sessions spread over seven weeks.

We journey into the significance of the seven main chakras, work to unblock emotions and realign with the power of each energy centre. This course is an invitation to immerse yourself in the wisdom and energy of each chakra.

Each week, empowering information will be disseminated, along with specific meditation journeys. To evoke personal insight into the inner workings of the chakras, we use colour, affirmations, journaling, rituals, and meditations. The intention of this course is to empower women with essential knowledge of the chakras. Understand each energy centres’ vibrational frequency and reveal how each chakra holds the key to living a soul inspired life.

When participating in this online journey, it is imperative to create uninterrupted time as a commitment to yourself and as an integral part of the self-care process.


Base Chakra

To begin, we open and honour the sacred space. We connect to the power of Mother Earth and learn daily practices to receive healing from nature and grounding exercises as we return to the wisdom of our body. In this first week, we take a drum journey to meet with our power animal for healing, guidance and strength.


Sacral Chakra

In week two, we journey to a sacred space to meet the divine mother. This journey is an opportunity to be held with grace. Often, emotions are cleansed as we tune into our spirit guides, while also being open to reciprocity. When a woman surrenders, her body and heart open. This expansion of spirit allows feminine energy to be receptive to universal support in all forms.


Solar Plexus

This week we do a ritual to clear old thoughts, behaviours, ties or threads that are not for our highest good. We connect to and understand our inner power, as we learn a process to clear energy fields.  Learn to embody the light.


Heart Chakra

Our hearts are the gateway to our soul, offering unlimited connection to universal energy, love, support and all that we need. In this week’s journey, we embrace our loving soul and the beings of light who love us unconditionally. Our heart experiences true healing when we connect with the universal energy of love.


Throat Chakra

In week five, we take a journey to meet with our loving soul family to deeply connect and retrieve our precious inner child. The throat chakra governs self-expression, the  true sense of ourselves. Often, this essence of our true self has been lost or disconnected in childhood. This process is deep and powerful, a necessary process to be able to step into spiritual self-care.


Third Eye

This week, we cover the highly intriguing subject of manifestation. The third eye is our intuition and inner vision centre.  We experience the dynamic expression of embodying our inner vision through dance and mandala art.  Often, we become stuck and find it difficult to manifest. We learn how to shift this energy into a joyful, embodied experience.


Crown Chakra

Take a journey to integrate wisdom, access knowledge and have direct guidance. Continue living on a soul frequency. Understand how to maintain a soul inspired life after the online course is complete. We end with a ritual to close the sacred space.

If you really want peace on earth, create peace in your heart, in your being. That is the right place to begin with and then spread – Osho

Coming Soon...

Our Women’s Online Sacred Soul Journey is coming soon.

I recently had sacred soul healing with Rachel. It was such a warm, deep and enriching experience and was so helpful to me at a time when life was very difficult. Rachel connected with me immediately in a very sincere and spiritual way, I felt very moved by the deep work we did together. I hope to work with her more some day!

I’ve been having soul counselling sessions with Rachel for a couple of years. Some of them have been in person whilst staying at her property in Apollo Bay (which is a piece of paradise) but most of them have been by Skype because I live in Melbourne. The in person sessions have been incredible, but the Skype sessions are still amazingly effective. It might sound strange but it feels like the sacred, feminine, ocean meets forest energy of Apollo Bay comes through Rachel when I connect with her via Skype. Her warm, empathetic, wise, nurturing, brave and joyful approach really resonates with me. Rachel has such a loving presence and is extremely genuine and real. This really helped me to relax and it inspired trust. I instinctively knew there was no judgement which made it safe. Rachel is the real deal, she “walks the talk” and is clearly extremely committed to living a soulful life, as well as inspiring this in others. I’ve had big internal shifts through the sessions with Rachel. She’s helped me in developing my own self care practices, feeling more confident and empowered in myself, growing my connection to the earth and my spiritual connections, she’s taught me how to lighten up, have fun and has helped me heal old wounds. Rachel is very holistic and has worked with me across all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I have felt very cared for by Rachel and can’t recommend her more highly. I feel very lucky to have met her. PS. Ask her about her woman’s retreats and chakra dancing workshops – they are the best!