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About Rachel

As a practitioner and advocate of women’s wellness, my passion is to create sacred space for women.

I see my work akin to acting as a spiritual midwife. My focus is on opening the energetic pathway for women to reconnect with their powerful hearts and be inspired by their soul. To live as a sovereign being, accessing your power, energy, motivation, joy, clarity and sacred purpose that is your birthright.

The greatest privilege of a human life is to become a midwife to the awakening of the soul in another person – Plato

The origins of my work as a practitioner have been in the beautiful wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I have worked in TCM, along with Japanese acupuncture since 1996 and had my own busy clinic, Wyndham Natural Medicine for nineteen years. My clinic had great success in women’s wellness. Working with women, I came to understand our specific health issues and the feminine psychology. As a trained holistic counsellor since 2002, I practiced, co-ordinated and taught many counselling courses over a period of three years. A natural extension of my work was to study crystal healing, esoteric acupuncture, reiki and later, I certified as a chakradance facilitator.

My deep commitment to working with women, by sitting in circle with women and holding women’s soulful retreats, stems from my personal practices and reverence for spirit. My intention is to penetrate deeply into the feminine mystical experience. I sat in circle with women (closed group) for eight years and ran women’s retreats four years prior to having my first child twelve years ago. The integrity and strength I experience from working with women in retreats and sitting in circle has always been a place I developed and grew as a woman, with women.

To where I am now. I always had a soul calling to live in nature. After my mum died, the realisation that life is short became clear. It was time to fully trust in my soul’s guidance and walk my talk. Taking a leap of faith and many prayers to my mum and spirit team, my husband, two children and I packed up our very secure life in the suburbs and moved to our fifteen-acre dream property in the Wild Dog Valley, Apollo Bay. My mum’s death was a pivotal time in my life.

Death has so much to teach us, just as much as birth. The experience of my mum dying and the connection I have with her spirit opened a profound understanding for me. A deep learning and inner knowing, that we have unlimited support, healing and love available from spirit. Our guidance here in the physical world is from spirit, our soul and beyond. A gateway to trust in the calling of our hearts. Ultimately, this is the essence of my work.

So, The Women’s Soulful Retreats were birthed. Intimate gatherings and also online formats have been tailored to suit your situation. We are now in a new epoch, much clarity and wisdom will be required. Women are coming into a new sense of self. It is time to live from your powerful heart and be brave, to follow in the calling of your soul.  Empowered living nourishes you, your family, communities, and this beautiful earth.

I look forward to holding sacred space for you and teaching you the sacred tools to empower yourself.

With love.


Professional Qualifications


1996 Shiatsu Therapy Diploma


1997 Bachelor of Health Science – Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture


1998 Reiki 1


1998 Reiki 2


2021 Acupuncture and moxibustion technique of Traditional Japanese Acupuncture


2002 Certificate of Holistic Counselling


2013 Esoteric Acupuncture Advanced Energy Healing Foundation Level 1


2014 Esoteric Acupuncture Advanced Energy Healing Level 2


2015 Chakradance Facilitator Training


2018 Crystal Healing