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Autumn Workshop

In the Women’s Wellness Workshop, Rachel teaches the timeless wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

As an experienced acupuncturist, treating women with various health issues over a twenty-year period, Rachel shares her extensive knowledge and insight. We learn how to navigate the changing seasons, earth energies and ultimately, balance our systems. In this workshop, Rachel gives us tools to ‘thrive in each season’ for optimum health.

This workshop is an opportunity to restore, nourish and connect to ourselves in ways that will offer a broader access to the healing and rejuvenating essence of each season. We look at the five elements and integrate how they relate to the health and vitality of women.  We explore vital health-giving elements and how they fit into our daily life, allowing us to truly thrive.

In each season, a specific approach is necessary to create a balanced mind and body. The workshop will cover certain foods, cooking styles, acupressure points, qi-gong exercises and meditation techniques. Emotional balancing practices and comprehensive information relating to the seasons will be covered. The information in this workshop can be easily shared and understood by family, friends, or clients.

Your body is a temple, but only if you treat it as one – Astrid Alauda

Women’s Autumn Wellness Workshop

Join our transformative educational workshop to restore, nourish, and balance your body and soul this autumn, you’ll learn:

  • Meditation for women, supporting your emotional wellbeing.
  • Rituals for the autumn equinox and how to find balance within.
  • Finding a place for sadness and letting go, the emotional qualities of autumn in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Specific acupressure, crystals, essential oils, and chakras for balancing you in autumn.
  • Gentle meridian stretches to bring you balance.
  • Traditional Chinese dietary therapy, foods and recipes for your nourishment and health in autumn.

Recordings available after the workshop so you can continue your autumn self-care. Connect with a supportive community of women and enhance your well-being. Join us today!


Date: Sunday March 24

Time: 3 to 5:30

Where: Online ZOOM

Investment: $150