Autumn Workshop


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Join our transformative educational workshop to restore, nourish, and balance yourself in winter, by activating your water element. You'll learn:

  • Traditional Chinese Dietary therapy, foods and recipes for your nourishment and health in winter
  • Self acu-pressure techniques to balance the water element for you, family and clients
  • Emotional balancing for anxiety, insecurity and fear, the emotions of the water element
  • Meridian stretches to activate your Qi in winter
  • Water Element Meditation for women, supporting your vitality and hormones.
  • Specific crystals, essential oils, flower essence and chakras for balancing you in winter.
  • Understand the spiritual essence of the winter solstice

Recordings available after the workshop so you can continue your winter self-care. Connect with a supportive community of women and enhance your well-being. Join us today!

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