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Spiritual self-care ritual


Bed Time Prayer

Go to bed ten minutes earlier and take time for yourself. Breathe deeply; hands on your womb space, breathe into your womb space three times. Picture yourself in your favourite nature setting. Breathe in the feelings that this place brings to you.

In the distance, notice a white, golden, luminous light. You may know this luminous light as your angels, spirit guides, loved ones that have passed, God, universal energy, Archangel Michael, Mother Mary, Buddha and so on. This is a prayer to all those light beings that love you. Call on what resonates with you.  Really allow yourself to receive their support and love. See and feel your body being filled with their light.

Say; I call upon the light beings that love me unconditionally and are for my highest good, to be present with me, to surround me with protection, fill me with light, love, healing, and be my guides.

Breath that feeling of being supported and the light into your body.

Say; I now release over to you into your unconditionally loving care, all chords, threads, ties, entities, lower vibrational frequencies, from this lifetime or any other, that are not of unconditional love and for my highest good to be transmuted back to the source, back to love. I release with love, cleansing my whole being.

Really feel and see any burdens, worries, fear and troubles being lifted off and given over to your soul family. You need to surrender and let go, for them to intervene. You need to give your light beings full permission.

say; I give you permission for my healing, guidance, support, and love.
So be it, so it is.

You can ask for the healing to happen in your sleep. Over time your relationship to your soul family will strengthen. With regular practice, you can even ask for a dream with healing messages or answers to your questions.

Heart Chakra Crystals and Essential Oils

To add to this nightly ritual use crystals and essential oils that activate your heart chakra.

The main crystal of choice to activate self-love is rose quartz. Aventurine helps heal a wounded heart and calms troubled emotions in the heart.Chrysocolla, the divine feminine stone. Eases guilt and heartache. Place the crystal of your choice in your bed or on your heart chakra as you pray. Sleep with them in your bed. Wear a crystal bracelet and carry them in your pocket.

The essential oils to activate the heart are rose and lavender. Place a couple of drops on your pillow or on your heart chakra, the point at the centre of your chest.

Enjoy this spiritual self-care ritual.