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The eve of the 30 April is the beginning of Samhain also known traditionally as Halloween, symbolising the beginning of winter and the decent into sacred energy of stillness. This is when the veil between the physical world and spirit are thin. It is the time of honouring our ancestors.

I feel the honouring of loved ones that have passed is a wonderful way of nourishing our hearts, so I invite you to connect with this tradition of Samhain.  Samhain is when the ancestors and loved ones that have passed over are more accessible to connect with. I have that sense that winter allows us to go deeper into ourselves so we are also more accessible to connect with. This time of year I love to create my ancestors altar. My mum crossed over 10  years ago. Creating this honouring altar for my ancestors reminds me of how truly connected we are. That the love and bond never dies. We are fully supported, loved and guided. All we need to do is acknowledge our ancestors and open our hearts to receiving. By creating  an altar and honouring the ancestors with lighting a candle and a thank you, is powerful. I am always calling on my mum for help and guidance and it never fails.

Altar Creation: Find a place in your home where your altar will not be disturbed by others. Place photos of your loved ones. Add candles, flowers and crystals. Each day light a candle or incense and connect with the love that you share between you both. As your heart fills with love and support, ask for assistance, guidance or whatever you need help with. From my experience the support and guidance I have received is deeply tangible and helpful. It may not be instant. Please keep your heart open to receiving.

Another potent time to be mindful of is the winter solstice June 21.  This is also an important time for Traditional Chinese Medicine as we enter into the water element. We are interconnected to our environment and honouring the changes of the seasons within our own body and soul is vital for balance within.