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For busy women needing sacred space, to reconnect back to their powerful hearts and be inspired by their soul.

As modern-day women we are pulled in a million different directions as we go about our day-to-day lives. Taking care of others, work, shop, cook, run a home, exercise, run businesses and then try to find time to connect with our spiritual self. This way of life can create a disconnection from your soul’s guidance, your intuition, inner power and the unlimited energy the universe has available to you, leaving you feeling overwhelmed, fragmented, indecisive, disconnected, tired, emotionally depleted and stressed.

Women who attend the retreats are: mothers, therapists, creatives, professionals, business owners, women taking care of others, all having a common theme of holding the space and giving to others.

The essence of the Women’s Soulful Retreat is to empower women in the seven keys to creating a fulfilled, soul inspired life.

Immerse yourself in the healing power of nature.
Be nourished by the power and support of a women’s circle.
Release blocked emotions and clear negative energetic chords.
Connect with your heart and the divine beings that support you.
Expression through mandala art, dance, journaling and sharing.
Experience the power of intention and ritual.
Meditate and be guided by your Soul.

Rachel offers a range of modalities within the retreats such as meditation, intention rituals, clearing techniques, women’s circle, grounding techniques, chakradance, mandala art, drum journey, manifestation dance, sacred soul connection, intuition strengthening exercises, time in nature and more. All with the intention of creating sacred space for women to be spiritually nourished. Something that is deeply lacking in our modern day living.

When women are nourished body, heart and soul they give from a place of fullness. Their families benefit, their business flourish, their energy increases, and

Women’s soulful retreat options.

1/2 day
Women’s Soulful Retreat

This retreat is a spiritual top up for busy women.

Set within a women’s circle with meditation, dance and mandala art. Sacred time and space for spiritual self-care. This is a taste of the 1 day and weekend retreat. The intention is to unravel the blocked energy in your body, refresh your mind and be nourished by your soul.

1 day
Women’s Soulful Retreat

A deeper experience and an introduction to the weekend retreat.

In the sacred space of a women’s circle you have the opportunity to go deeper into you, your beautiful heart and your souls guidance.  To clear blocked feelings, to unwind tension, to realign with your souls’ power and reconnect to the unlimited energy of the universe and beyond.

2.5 day
Women’s Soulful Retreat

Held at Claerwen Retreat, set on 130 acres with panoramic views over the coast of Apollo Bay and Otway Ranges. A place of magic and healing.

Claerwen retreat is located at crows nest look out, this place holds ancient significance in the aboriginal culture and used to be a sacred site. Those sensitive to subtle energy experience the healing frequency.

This retreat is a deep soul immersion, for women ready to live a heart connected, soul inspired life. As we delve deep into connecting with your soul and what is standing in the way of your divine connection,  old feelings and energies that are not for your highest good will be cleared. In this clearing process emotions can surface. Rachel creates a safe healing space within the women’s circle for emotions to be released. Rachel is a strong believer that when emotions that are held in the body are released,  you are able to free yourself and be in tune with your authentic self. Allowing you to be receptive to your soul essence, your joy, vitality, intuition and inspiration. To know if this weekend is aligned with you, book a 15 minute complimentary discovery call with Rachel.

Also included in this transformative retreat  are two healthy, nourishing lunches and dinners are catered for, so you can focus on your inner world without distraction. Meditation recording: A mediation and notes will be sent after the retreat, to support your journey in continuing a soul inspired life. Free Time: for you to rest, nap, walk or sit in the amazing nature surroundings of Claerwen Retreat. The option of going for a a swim in the incredible pristine waters of Apollo bay. Walking the bush tracks with breath taking views at Claerwen Retreat. Read a book or have a nap. Space to integrate the shifts of the retreat.

Not included: accommodation is an extra cost.  Claerwen offers a range of accommodation options


Rachel is such an amazing facilitator. I have attended weekend and one day retreats and I leave feeling renewed, peaceful, empowered and grateful. Highly recommend the gift of Rachel. Her aura exudes her passion to create a space for women to unwind and reconnect with self.


I can not express deeply enough the impact she has made in my life and the impact I’ve seen her make at the retreats I’ve attended. Rachel really is the most unique and genuine healer I’ve ever met.


I am already feeling so held and supported by Rachel leading up to this retreat. She holds such a magic heart felt container, creating a space that is safe to dive deep and connect with your inner knowing. I love nothing more than sitting in circle with other like minded sisters, to be seen, held, heard and supported. Do you hear, feel the call? I can not recommend taking this time for your self more. Come be nourished and loved up sisters.