Women’s Ritual and
Intention Online Meditations

Coming Soon...

Create meditation rituals to live a life of intention and magic.

On the new moon or full moon, a one-hour online ritual will be available as a practice. Enjoy the unfettered expression of womanhood in the comfort and privacy of your home. Connect with your divine feminine power, the moon, elements for the season, astrological shifts and divine beings. Rachel will be guided by her intuition and offer guided ritual through dance, drum journeys, visualisations and altar creations.

The ritual is an opportunity to create sacred practices in an intimate space as we open up to life’s magic.  In the regularity of creating sacred moments and divining with our higher selves,  we are open to connect with unlimited support and healing.

The heart that breaks open can contain the whole universe – Joanna Mackey

Coming Soon...

Our Women’s Ritual and Intention Online Meditations are coming soon.