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Soul Care

Create meditation rituals to live a life of intention and magic.

For busy soulful women, who are pulled in a million different directions, in this demanding modern day life. Sacred time and space just for you. To cleanse your being, reconnect with your inner wisdom and be inspired by your soul.

These workshops are a combination of both teaching and experience. The intention is to empower you with sacred tools and guided meditation to connect you with your soul and beyond.

By working in a group we amplify the energy and your intentions. This workshop also includes sharing time, to really create a potent healing container for your spiritual growth and emotional healing.

Each workshop is a weave of:

Ritual and intention setting


Education of a soul inspired life


Guided meditations, movement, mandala art and journaling


The power of a women’s circle

Each soul care experience is unique. Depending on the energy of the group and what’s happening with the cycles of the seasons, moon and global energy. I will tune into the group previously to the workshop. Specific meditations and sacred tools will be intuitively created for each workshop.

For your spiritual self care the recording of the meditation will be sent to you, to keep nourishing your connection.

Soul care is a 2 hour monthly, online workshop and is limited to 12.

True self care, body, heart and soul.

The heart that breaks open can contain the whole universe – Joanna Mackey

Ready to meditate with intention?