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1 and 2.5 Day Retreats
Held at the magical Claerwen Retreat, set on 130 acres of bush land with panoramic views over the coast of Apollo Bay and the Otway Ranges.

These Retreats are for women who are ready to be live a Soul Inspired Life. 

As modern-day women we are pulled in a million different directions as we go about our day-to-day lives. Taking care of others, work, shop, cook, run a home and try to find time for nourishing our inner selves. This way of life when not balanced with soul connecting methods can create a disconnection from your true essence, your power and your Soul energy. Leaving you feeling, overwhelmed, disconnected, tired and stressed.

The essence of the Retreat is to integrate the seven keys for a Soul inspired life for women:

  1. Connect to nature and the Elemental Forces - Earth, Air, Water, Wood, Fire.
  2. Be nourished by the spirit of the feminine.
  3. Release blocked emotions and clear energetic chords that no longer serve.
  4. Be guided and supported by your ancestors and angelic forces.
  5. Expression through art, dance, journaling and sharing.
  6. Experience the power of Intention and ritual.
  7. Meditation and guidance from your soul.

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De-stress, calm, connected, inspiration and joy.


We treat symptoms from neck pain to womens heath


Creating a Soul inspired life for women.