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Holistic Counselling differs from conventional counseling, in that its not only talking, sharing and being heard. It is about really tuning into your emotional and feeling. Visualization, meditation, creative writing, drawing are all tools used within the session. The aim is to come out of your mind, be present with your body and connect with your soul.

Relationship issues, needing a change in direction in your life, stress, overwhelm, anxiety, aloneness, grief, lack of confidence are some reasons to choose Holistic Counselling. It is also a great tool to use when you’re looking for a more soulful connection in your life.

45 minutes $75.00

60 minutes $100.00

90 minutes $150.00

120 minutes $190.00

Concession rates available.


De-stress, calm, connected, inspiration and joy.


We treat symptoms from neck pain to womens heath


Creating a Soul inspired life for women.